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“Honey get up! You’re missing the best part of the day”. There she would stand clutching her very worn apron of faded periwinkles. I would struggle to sit up. With tousled hair through sleepy, half open eyes, I would plead with her. “Grandma, why do we have to get up so early?”“Because honey, this is […]

Dusting the Table

A basic household chore becomes an analogy for  one of life’s most serious conditions When I was a young girl, my parents assigned my brother and I household chores. In exchange for that, we received 50 cents per week. My brother’s chore was to empty all the wastebaskets in the house and take out the […]

The Power of Paying Positive Attention to Employees

Company Case Studies Show That Paying Positive Attention to Employees Improves Culture and Increases Profits Today’s workplace can be a minefield of mental and psychological challenges. Businesses struggle with employee issues like absenteeism, turnover, burnout, and rising health care costs. These challenges are compounded when business leaders have a “crack the whip” mentality. The old […]


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