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Dive into our success stories and discover firsthand accounts from individuals who have experienced remarkable transformations through our mindfulness programs. From overcoming stress and anxiety to finding inner peace and clarity, our clients share their personal journeys and the profound ways mindfulness has enriched their lives.

Many of our clients mention the SEED meditation program in their comments. SEED stands for Simple, Easy, Every Day. Learn more about our SEED Meditation Workshop.

From Our Clients

Farmers Insurance, Texas

“During SEED training I learned simple and easy methods to reduce stress and become less reactive to unwanted external stimuli. Marcy is excellent at teaching these approaches to a happier, more content lifestyle.”

S.D., Texas

“Marcy Westcott lives and breathes what she teaches – meditation and mindfulness! Thankfully Marcy gently persisted in inviting me to meditation. I’m in the baby stages of meditation but its effects on me are noteworthy. I went to her first session of classes, and enjoyed it so much, I talked my husband into joining the next round. Definitely worth the time!”

C.K., Texas

“I always wanted to learn meditation, so when Marcy brought meditation to our small community it has truly been a blessing in my life. Marcy explains meditation in terms which I can understand. And I am more aware of my inner self because of her meditation class.”

D.E., Texas

“I always felt the need to meditate for renewing myself, but I did not know clearly how to go about it. By taking the SEED meditation course with Marcy Westcott I learned more clearly what meditation is. I learned simple methods to get in touch with my inner self and better respond to every day’s life demands.”

AMM, Texas

“I’ve had the good fortune to be a part of Marcy’s SEED meditation series twice now. I like the fact that these are “guided” meditations – a gentle navigation to help you achieve benefits – like focus, calmness, awareness to name a few. With the global events of the last few months, in particular, there’s never been a better time to start this practice.”

C.V., Kansas City, Missouri

“Marcy Westcott is a great meditation mentor! She guided my bride and me through the SEED method in 6 sessions and provided the book and background for the various meditations. She has the knowledge and professional broadcasters’ voice that soothes and focuses the student. We have continued meditating with the skills she gave us, adding peace and improved sleep to our lives. It is clear to all that her teaching is a mission to help her students.”

J.P., Texas

“Thank you so much for a great series, Marcy! I’m really excited to continue my journey with meditation. You made meditation accessible for me in both concept and process. Learning about the science and history was fascinating. I especially appreciated the balance you wove between the practical and transcendental aspects of meditation practice.”

RMM, Texas

“The SEED class was an effective way for me to learn about meditation. Marcy’s voice is beautiful and perfectly suited for guiding meditations. She is very knowledgeable about the health benefits of a daily meditation practice. I learned a great deal and looked forward to every class.”

S.S., Texas

“I started taking the SEED meditation course from Marcy a few weeks after the first stay-at-home orders related to COVID-19 were issued. The meditation techniques that Marcy presented (via Zoom) really helped me to deal with the challenges and changes that we face during this pandemic. After taking the course and stepping up my meditation practice, I found that I was much calmer and better able to stay in the present moment. Marcy’s teaching style is encouraging, non-judgmental, positive and relaxing. I highly recommend her SEED meditation course.”

K.L., Texas

“Taking Marcy Westcott’s meditation class was a pleasure. She skillfully guided the group into a class, giving each person a voice. We not only meditated, which was a transcendent experience, but she shared with us relevant scientific information that explained what our bodies and minds were experience as a result of regular meditation.”

C.V., Oklahoma

“I am writing to express my gratitude for the SEED Meditation class taught by Marcy Westcott. I had been a devoted meditator for about 4 years when I attended this 6-week class. Although I had already realized the benefits of meditation, I felt like I could learn more and go deeper. This class gave me just what I was looking for. It helped me expand my focus and gave me helpful hints and techniques to settle into the process more quickly. It also gave me new and creative ideas for types of meditation that I had not experienced before. I particularly loved the ‘Heart Centered’ practice as well as the ‘Ham Sah’ mantra meditation. The class also had brand ned meditators and it was great to hear feedback from them on the benefits that they were experiencing. I would highly recommend this class to both the beginner meditator and those looking to deepen their practice.”

MVA, Texas

MMI Mindfulness @ Work Program

“Every executive, business owner or entrepreneur that I have coached in business has reported difficulty with: Focus, Stress and Crisis Management. Marcy’s training for my coaching clients was one of the most valuable trainings we have provided for them. Not only did Marcy over-deliver on tools, tips, and techniques, she helped all of us understand why we struggle and better equip us to use our own minds to increase mindfulness. My private clients are already reporting how they are utilizing her tips on a daily basis to stay focused, less stress and handle crisis more efficiently.”

Amy House, Growin’ Outloud Darlin’, Texas

“We are always looking for new ways to empower our employees and The Still State program did wonders for our employees. Not only did the sessions help reduce stress and anxiety, but it also helped our team become more productive. We will continue using the program and highly recommend it to others.”

Jesse Rivera, New Vista Solutions

“The Program was invaluable to our employees and made a measurable impact on employee job satisfaction and overall improvement in productivity of our company. I would highly recommend this program to companies looking to enhance employee wellness.”

Gary Kasper, New Vista Solutions


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